Harris postpones knee surgery

Image courtesy of: Zimbio

“My knee is no different now than it was a month ago or six weeks ago”

Australia pace bowler Ryan Harris will postpone his knee surgery until the end of the national team’s tour of South Africa, which is scheduled to get underway next month.

Harris revealed that there are pieces of bone floating around in his knee which need to be removed.

“My knee is no different now than it was a month ago or six weeks ago,” he said. “Unless something really bad goes wrong, which I don’t think it will, after South Africa we’ve got enough time off to get it [knee] cleaned up and go from there.”

Harris decided to delay his knee surgery until after the tour of South Africa since he will have enough time to recover before Australia face Pakistan in the United Arab Emirates in October.

Harris also disclosed that he had visited a surgeon during the recently concluded Ashes series as he felt a lot of discomfort in his knee during the second Test in Adelaide and the third Test in Perth.

“There’s bits of bone floating around [and] we were thinking about doing it then and there and missing the rest of the series,” he said. “But I wanted to play five games. I wanted to be a part of it for the whole thing.”

However, Harris insisted that his knee problems will not stop him from bowling during the national team’s tour of South Africa.

“You either decide whether you want to go through the pain or you don’t,” he said. “It’s as simple as that. And I want to be in this team as long as I can. [So] I’ll put up with it.”

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