Dhoni not in favour of inaugurating new captain before World Cup

Image courtesy of: Zimbio

“It won’t give a new guy the ideal time to play at least 70-80-90 games [before] the World Cup”

India skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni has announced that he is not in favour of inaugurating a new captain before the 2015 World Cup in Australia and New Zealand as “it won’t give a new guy the ideal time to play at least 70-80-90 games”.

“It’s a point of no return with the World Cup literally one year away from now,” Dhoni was quoted as saying by PTI. “It won’t give a new guy the ideal time to play at least 70-80-90 games [before] the World Cup. That’s what we would like to have him play before the World Cup.

“I understand the pressure…you get the kind of things which give you more experience than the others. So, we have to go through it.”

There have been growing concerns over Dhoni’s workload as a captain, wicketkeeper and batsman, but the 32-year-old insisted that he is holding up just fine at the moment.

“I am really fortunate to see where I am right now with the amount of cricket that we are playing these days,” he said. “As of now, it’s looking good. The body is closely knit together. How it will be [in future], I don’t know but so far so good.”

Despite losing their last Test series against South Africa 1-0, Dhoni noted that it was the only way for the younger players to get exposure to playing against some of the top sides in the world.

“Yes, we had some tough times,” he said. “We had a bad session [in Durban]. We had one really bad session because of which we were on the losing side.

“I think the process is more important. It can go worse than that [the performance in South Africa], but the good thing is that at least we know the players are there. We had a lot of good sessions in South Africa.

“It’s a process where we have to improve. Also the fact [is] that now we will be continuously playing out of India, so it will give more exposure to the players. Most of the players who are part of the side, barring a few, they have not played maybe more than five Test matches outside India. I know they will take some time, but the overall performance was good.”

Dhoni also conceded that India’s bowling is a huge area of concern after they were unable to bowl South Africa out when they were chasing 457 runs to win the first Test in Johannesburg.

“We have bowlers who can take 20 wickets but still this is one area where we need to improve,” he said. “I think on the wickets that are helpful we have done well. Outside India, at times, you get wickets where we have to hit the deck hard and that goes [against] what our bowlers actually bowl.

“I am talking about the majority of bowlers, that’s one area where we have to still learn. We have seen in the past also, if there’s help, then we will get 20 wickets. That’s one area where we have to improve a bit. But looking at the of bowlers we have got, definitely it seems they have the potential to take 20 wickets in Test matches.”

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