‘I’m 100% wanting to carry on’ as England captain, says Alastair Cook

Image courtesy of: Zimbio

“I’m enjoying the job and I’m enjoying the challenge”

After having taken one step closer to being whitewashed 5-0 today, England captain Alastair Cook has announced that he is intent on carrying on as the leader of the national team.

Cook’s comments come after England were thrashed by eight wickets in the fourth Test against Australia in Melbourne, which gave the hosts a 4-0 lead.

“I’m 100% wanting to carry on,” Cook said. “I’m enjoying the job and I’m enjoying the challenge. I’ve got no plans of going anywhere. I’m desperately trying to use as much as my experience of playing 100 Tests to help turn this team around.

“If, at the end of the series the selectors decide I’m not the best man for the job then so be it. If someone makes that decision, and says ‘we think there’s a better man’ or ‘you’re not good enough to do it’ then it would hurt but, I would have to take that on the chin.

“We’ve some very good players in our dressing room. We’ve some record-breaking players who will have some fantastic days left in an England shirt. I know that for sure. And we’ll be praising them when they do that.

“I’m fully supportive of our coaching staff. We’ve had some fantastic results. It wasn’t so long ago we won in India with this same coaching staff, against Australia with the same coaching staff.”

“They’re decisions which can be made later and down the line. That’s why people higher up than me are paid money to make those decisions. If they think that’s the way to go – with all those decisions, captain, coach, whatever – then that’s the way it is.

“We can only concentrate on what we do from now, trying to regroup and put in a performance in Sydney.”

Cook was also quick to dismiss batsman Kevin Pietersen’s theory about the back-to-back Ashes series being responsible for England’s shoddy performances.

“I think 10 back-to-back Test matches is a big ask,” he said. “But the bottom line is it’s the same for both sides and one side has handled it a lot better than the other side. They are playing some better cricket now than we are. To use that as an excuse would be wrong.

“When we left England, we had high hopes of doing something very special. I did say at the time, we’d have to play some very good cricket if we wanted to achieve that and we haven’t done that. The bottom line is we haven’t been good enough.”

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