WACA not to be used for international matches in the future?

Image courtesy of: The Guardian

All international matches in Perth may be moved from the WACA to Burswood Stadium from 2018 onwards

The WACA’s future as an international venue remains in doubt after a major redevelopment plan fell through on Monday.

The redevelopment plan would have given the WACA financial stability as a host of commercial and residential buildings were set to be built on site, but the idea was abandoned after disappointing pre-sales.

Speaking about the redevelopment plan, the WACA chairman, Sam Gannon, said: “Despite strong sales up to November and a renewed marketing effort, we have been unable to achieve the pre-sales target required to achieve finance on acceptable terms in time to meet our commitments for the 2015 Cricket World Cup.

“I would like to thank the board and advisors for their considered advice. We have given this development every opportunity but the final decision not to proceed is in the best long-term interest of members and stakeholders.”

With the redevelopment plan having been scrapped, the WACA now has to find another way of becoming financially stable, while also increasing its capacity and improving its facilities to meet the standards of the International Cricket Council (ICC).

The ground in Perth will not host any Test matches next summer and rumours have started to surface that all international matches may be moved from the WACA to the Burswood Stadium from 2018 onwards.

Western Australia minister for sport and recreation Terry Waldron stated that the Burswood Stadium will have a capacity of 60,000 if it were to become an official international venue.

“The WACA is the home of cricket in Western Australia and will continue to be,” Waldron said. “The construction of this 60,000-seat stadium with the ability to play cricket here gives them flexibility to hold big matches here, the bigger Tests, one-day internationals, World Cup fixtures, Twenty20 competitions. This stadium will be world-class right from the start. It will be for the fans.”

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