Clarke was only standing up for Bailey, says Shane Warne

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Clarke told Anderson to “get ready for a broken f***ing arm”

Former Australia spin king Shane Warne has announced that the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) decision to fine captain Michael Clarke 20 per cent of his match fee for his comments to England pace bowler James Anderson during the first Ashes Test in Brisbane was “a disgrace”.

Warne stated that Clarke was only standing up for and defending debutant George Bailey after Anderson allegedly threatened to punch him in the face.

Anderson’s alleged comments were not picked up by the stump microphone, but Clarke’s were heard loud and clear.

Clarke was fined for telling Anderson to “get ready for a broken f***ing arm”.

“On another note, I think it’s a disgrace that @MClarke23 has been fined,” Warne said via Twitter. “What about what Jimmy Anderson said to Bailey, which wasn’t heard.

“@MClarke23 stuck up for his debutant Bailey as he should have too as Capt after Anderson said he wanted to punch Bailey in the face!

“Unfortunately only Clarke’s reaction to Anderson’s was heard live, we all heard Anderson’s sledge that led to Clarke reacting! To me it should just stay out in the middle. They all shook hands had a giggle & moved on. By fining Clarke it’s made a big deal out of it.

“Everyone should have just laughed, moved on & be thankful for ashes fever. Bring on Adelaide I’m sure both teams are saying. As an international sportsman, if you decide to dish it out sledging you have to be prepared to cop it back too & not complain.”

Bailey refused to elaborate on the details of the incident, and said: “I’m not sure, he [Anderson] must have been a bit upset by the way the game was going, I guess.”

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