Arthur strikes back at Haddin’s comments

Image courtesy of: Sydney Morning Herald

“So for Brad to say those things is a little bit naive”

Former Australia coach Mickey Arthur has struck back at vice-captain and wicketkeeper Brad Haddin over the comments he made about him being “very, very insecure” during his time in charge of the national team.

Haddin also noted that the team atmosphere was negative and static during Arthur’s tenure, while everything is much more calm and relaxed with Darren Lehmann in charge.

However, Arthur stated that Haddin had no right to be making such accusations since he “wasn’t part of the team” for a “long period of the time”.

“Brad for a long period of the time wasn’t part of the team,” Arthur said. “So for Brad to say those things is a little bit naive. Brad wasn’t aware of the direction I was taking the team. Brad was one of the senior players who lost his place, was left out for a young guy like Matthew Wade to come in for us to build a brand that was going to be sustainable over a period of time, because at 35 the brand wasn’t going to be sustainable with Brad Haddin keeping wicket.

“A couple of them that were jumping at shadows were the guys who weren’t doing what was expected, those were the guys trying to take short cuts. You don’t come in and mess with a culture that has been successful … [but] the cycle had turned, we had lost a lot of experienced players, which meant we needed to create our own brand, our own culture, and put in place a sustainable value system that any player coming up from state level could walk straight in and feel comfortable and know what is expected of them.

“I did that job to the best of my ability, I can look back on my time there and say I gave it an almighty crack. If that crack wasn’t good enough, I can live with that, but I did try to get Australian cricket back to where it deserved to be.”

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