‘We are capable of winning the Ashes’, says Ian Healy

Image courtesy of: ABC

“We’re treating our national side a bit like a club team too often”

Former Australia wicketkeeper Ian Healy has announced that he believes the national team “are capable of winning the Ashes”, but only if they train harder, improve their work ethic and become more disciplined.

Healy called on head coach Darren Lehmann to be more strict with the team and to stop “rotating players” as it does more harm than good.

“We’re treating them the same way we treated legends in their last few years,” Healy said at the Mark Boucher tribute dinner in Johannesburg on Wednesday evening. “We’ve never gone back to the way things were 20 years ago. We used to work too hard and do too much training and we’re letting these younger guys train the way legends used to.

“We’re treating our national side a bit like a club team too often. All this resting players and rotating players. In our day, if you wanted rest, you were told that was fine because there are heaps of people who want your job.”

Despite Australia’s recent Test woes, Healy believes there is nothing wrong with the country’s cricket set-up.

“Our system is still good, we are not negligent in funding and we are producing enough cricketers,” he said.

While Healy admitted that Australia were the underdogs going into the upcoming Ashes series, he didn’t rule out the possibility that they could actually stun England and regain the coveted urn.

“We are capable of winning the Ashes but England will give themselves a big kick in the pants if they don’t win,” he said.

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