South Africa punished for ball-tampering

Image courtesy of: The Express Tribune

A South African player was allegedly rubbing the ball on the zipper of his trouser pocket

Pakistan were awarded five extra runs after the on-field umpires discovered that South Africa had been tampering with the ball on the third day of the second Test in Dubai.

The five-run penalty is likely to just be the tip of the iceburg as the Proteas are almost certain to be subjected to a hearing.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) confirmed that the ball had been tampered with and changed 30 overs into Pakistan’s second innings.

“As per 42.1 of the ICC playing conditions, the umpires replaced the ball and fined South Africa team five penalty runs for ball tampering,” an ICC spokesperson said.

The incident occurred at the start of the 31st over when the on-field umpires, Ian Gould and Rod Tucker, called South Africa captain Graeme Smith over for a chat about the condition of the ball.

Just a short while later, the fourth umpire, Shozab Raza brought a box of balls onto the field and a new ball was selected.

No players have been charged just yet, but television replays show that one of the South African players was allegedly rubbing the ball on the zipper of his trouser pocket.

The umpires will look over the footage later today and decide whether to charge any players, which could ultimately lead to a hearing.

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