Australia were lucky not to lose the Ashes 5-0, says Stuart Broad

Image courtesy of: The Mirror

“Lehmann said it could have been 3-2 to Australia, but it could have been 5-0 to us”

In a move that could make him even more unpopular with the Australian fans, England pace bowler Stuart Broad has announced that Australia were lucky to escape with 3-0 loss.

While Australia coach Darren Lehmann tried to comfort himself by saying “it could have been 3-2 to Australia”, Broad believes the baggy greens were lucky not to be whitewashed 5-0.

“Lehmann said it could have been 3-2 to Australia, but it could have been 5-0 to us,” Broad said. “And anyway, that’s not how sport works, is it? It’s a results-driven business. Sure, Australia had chances to win Test matches in England, but they won none. That’s the bottom line.”

Broad is already expected to be heckled by the Australian fans when England head to the Land Down Under in November for the second leg of the Ashes series after he refused to walk when clearly edging a delivery to the slips during the first Ashes Test at Trent Bridge, Nottingham.

In the fifth Test of the series, Lehmann launched an astonishing verbal assault against Broad and called on the Australian public to show him no mercy.

“The head coach of Australia has called for a barrage, but I am one of these characters who thrives off a bit of niggle,” Broad said. “It’s strange, because off the field I am a shy, quiet person. I prefer to watch a bit of TV at home. But get me on the cricket field and I like it all kicking off.

“So it’s something I look forward to. It will be interesting out there. I don’t quite know what to expect from the crowds in Australia, but I’m certainly not expecting cheers.”

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