Rahul Dravid holds coaching clinic for underprivileged children

Image courtesy of: The Indian Express

Dravid told the children that mastering the basics was the key to succeeding in international cricket

Legendary India batsman Rahul Dravid recently held a day-long coaching clinic for underprivileged children in Bangalore as part of an initiative called Camp with the Champ.

Thanks to the initiative, which was set up by ESPNcricinfo and a telecom company, 25 underprivileged children had their dreams fulfilled as they were given a once in a lifetime opportunity to be coached by one of the living legends of the game.

Dravid showed the kids short clips of his career in order to give them an insight into how mastering the fundamentals was crucial to succeeding in the sport.

The 40-year-old also told the children stories of his illustrious career and explained all the life lessons he had learnt along the way.

“Cricket, in some respects, has undergone a makeover in the last 20 years,” Ramesh Kumar, Head of ESPN Digital Media India, said. “We have been tracking the game all through this period and it is evident there are an entire set of fans who are cricket purists and yearn to re-connect with the game for what it was known for.”

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