Nathan Bracken to run during Australia elections

Image courtesy of: The Australian

Bracken is looking to take over Thomson’s seat in Dobell

Former Australia pace bowler Nathan Bracken has announced that he is running for next month’s elections as he looks to dethrone Craig Thomson of his seat in Dobell, which is located north of Sydney.

Thompson has been under heavy scrutiny as of late, especially after he was accused of using trade union credit cards to pay for prostitutes.

“I will be running as an independent for the seat of Dobell for the election and Lawrie McKinna will run in Robertson as an independent,” Bracken said via Twitter.

Both Bracken and McKinna are being financed by advertising mogul John Singleton, who stated that he wanted to back the pair “because I feel I should, I can afford it, it can do no harm, and it can only do good”.

McKinna, who is currently the mayor of Gosford in New South Wales, is a former footballer and coach of the Central Coast Mariners and numerous other Chinese clubs.

Bracken, who is also allegedly suing Cricket Australia for failing to adequately help him with a career-ending knee injury, added that he is looking to tackle problems such as unemployment.

“I see that we’ve got to give ourselves the best opportunity and put ourselves in the race,” he told ABC. “If you sit back and complain about how things are done there’s no chance of getting anything so putting my hand up and getting out there.”

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