Mickey Arthur and Cricket Australia agree to financial settlement

Image courtesy of: dailytelegraph.com.au

Arthur admitted to accepting a “significant” reduction in the AUD 4 million he had originally asked for

Former Australia coach Mickey Arthur and Cricket Australia have agreed upon an undisclosed financial settlement after the ex-head coach threatened to sue the board over the controversial circumstances surrounding his termination.

Arthur initially stated that he wanted AUD 4 million in compensation from Cricket Australia, but conceded that he had accepted a “significant” reduction.

“For me this was never solely about the money, I just wanted to be treated fairly and with dignity and respect,” he said. “I have significantly reduced my claim, as it is being settled tonight, and is not dragging on at any significant cost. Importantly I’ve been very mindful of protecting the Australian cricket team from any further publicity surrounding this dispute. With this fair and reasonable deal, we can now all get on with our lives.”

The board confirmed that both parties had come to an agreement over the ugly dispute that has been going on for weeks.

“Cricket Australia and Mickey Arthur are pleased to announce that they have reached a confidential settlement,” Cricket Australia said through a statement. “Both Mickey and CA agree that it is unfortunate that the dispute was not settled prior to the issuing of legal proceedings.

“Both parties agree that a resolution now is in the interests of the Australian cricket team and cricket generally in Australia. Cricket Australia appreciates the efforts that Mickey applied to his coaching role, and wishes him the very best in his future career.”

Arthur was sacked just a few days before the start of the Ashes series in a meeting with Cricket Australia’s chief executive James Sutherland and team performance manager Pat Howard in Bristol.

Arthur has been replaced by Darren Lehmann, who formerly coached Queensland.

Just a few weeks after his sacking, Arthur’s legal claims were leaked to the media and made public.

Some of the claims he made surprised many as one of them was that Test captain Michael Clarke saw all-rounder Shane Watson as “a cancer” on the national team.

Another astounding claim he made was the fact that he had been the victim of racial abuse and scapegoating during his tenure as head coach.

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