There are no favourites when it comes to the Ashes, says Graeme Swann

Image courtesy of: The Guardian

Swann believes England are not the “dominant force” everyone thinks they are

Despite all the hubbub over England being favourites to win the ongoing Ashes series, spinner Graeme Swann has refused to be caught up in the fever as he believes there are no favourites when it comes to the Ashes.

Former players like Sir Ian Botham and Michael Vaughan have all forecasted a 5-0 whitewash due to England being the better team, but Swann noted that his side are not the “dominant force” everyone thinks they are.

“I don’t think we see ourselves as a dominant force,” Swann said. “We climbed up to number one in the world, which was a feat we aimed to do and we were pleased with, but we didn’t stay there for long so we’re continually aiming to improve.

“We want to get back up there and until we are, we won’t see ourselves as a dominant force. I’m sure there’s 11 players in our dressing room and 11 in theirs that have been looking forward to this for a very long time. I’ve just been at Trent Bridge, the best Test cricket ground in England, soaking up the sunshine and the atmosphere was very exciting.”

Swann, known more for his comedy than sledging on the field, also dismissed suggestions that the England bowlers would launch verbal assaults against the Australian batsmen in an attempt to pressurise them.

“Any altercations we’ve had in the past are firmly in the past,” Swann added. “You don’t go out there looking to pick a fight or cause a rumpus, you go out there desperately hoping to do well yourself.

“I think any tetchiness may come about because of hot weather or frustrated bowlers, and hopefully that will be on the Australian side as we come in for tea time on day one with 300 for nought.”

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