Michael Hussey would be welcomed back with open arms, says Mickey Arthur

Image courtesy of: India Times

Arthur would be over the moon if Hussey decided to come out of retirement

Australia coach Mickey Arthur has announced that the national team and selectors would welcome retired batsman Michael Hussey back into the squad with open arms if he decided to come out of retirement and help bolster the team’s rather lacklustre batting order for the back-to-back Ashes series this year.

Arthur stated that while he was confident the younger players would plug the holes left behind by Hussey and former captain Ricky Ponting, he would still graciously accept either veteran’s help if they were to offer it.

“We’d certainly listen to Mike Hussey if Mike Hussey came knocking at our door,” Arthur said. “But that’s a hypothetical at the moment. He’s retired. We’ve moved on now, you know. Yeah we miss him. We miss the aura of Ricky Ponting. But I’m hoping that these younger players will take over that mantle in time to come. They’re nowhere near ready yet.

“But in time to come they’ve got to step up and take on those mantles because they’re going to be the role models for the next generation of cricketers. I’m confident we’ve got the best players here. These guys just need to be given that confidence and just need to stand up. I’m pretty sure they will.”

Athur was less than impressed at his side’s performance against India in the recent four-Test series, in which captain Michael Clarke emerged as the biggest threat by far.

Arthur is sick and tired of putting his “neck on the line” and being humiliated time and time again by his side’s embarrassing performances.

He was also disappointed at having to axe Shane Watson, James Pattinson, Usman Khawaja and Mitchell Johnson midway through the India series for not having completed the simplest of tasks.

“I would say I’ve put my neck on the line,” Arthur said. “But I’ve put my neck on the line because I’m really passionate about Australian cricket and I’m very passionate about this team. I want this team to achieve ultimate success and that’s to get to number one in the world. It was needed. It had to happen and the responses have been fantastic. I’m comfortable. It was a week of massive pain. It really was. But I’m comfortable.

“I sit here now knowing that this team is going in the right direction. People will say why did it take so long. It took so long because the team was running itself, because we had some senior players around it; we don’t have those senior players around this team any more. This team needed to be shown direction and it got a pretty clear message of that before this Test match.

“We’ve got to understand where we’re at at the moment with a very young group of players that needs to be shown the right way to go. If you’ve got older, senior players the team governs itself and then it’s easy just to run and coach. If you’ve got a young team you need to grab the team and really make the players understand what their responsibilities and ownerships are of the side.”

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