A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: Australia to attend two-day boot camp run by ex-Special Forces prior to Ashes series?

The national team were made to take part in the boot camp in 2006

A former Special Forces operative has offered to help the Australian national team strengthen the bond between one another after their embarrassing 4-0 whitewash against India by hosting a two-day boot camp in the United Kingdom.

Security consultant David Apps believes that the two-day camp would be a perfect opportunity for the Australian team to release all lingering tensions between each other and be in prime form prior to the start of the back-to-back Ashes series in July.

“These camps are run by ex-Special Forces personnel who have the ability to know how to get the best out of players in often challenging and arduous conditions,” Apps was quoted by the Courier Mail as saying. “Activities include physically demanding activities to speed up the fatigue process before they are then given challenges and tasks in which one needs to make quick, precise and clear decisions in order to achieve the team objective.

“It is also useful to have players making quick, accurate decisions out of their comfort zones while tired and under duress.”

According to Apps, the boot camp would not only make the Australians more physically fit, but also increase the speed of their decision making process.

“These methods are tried and tested and while we are not there to teach them how to play cricket, we can certainly add our value in the decision-making processes and way of thinking in order to assist them,” he added.

The players will be pushed outside their comfort zones and be deprived of food, water and sleep in order to enhance their teamwork.

Apps’ proposal to host this camp has been met with a favoured response by many members of Cricket Australia.

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