A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: The ICC should keep a close eye on pitches used in Test matches, says Javed Miandad

Miandad has urged the ICC to make pitches more competitive

Former Pakistan batsman Javed Miandad had called on the International Cricket Council (ICC) to keep a close eye on the pitches used during Test matches since some of them, in his opinion, do not allow a fair contest between bat and ball, which is the beauty of Test cricket.

Miandad, who works as the Director-General in the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), believes that more youngsters should be playing Test cricket instead of Twenty20 cricket, but noted that some pitches around the world do not allow competitive matches to take place.

“As a former Test player I can say that even Pakistan got to play on Test pitches in South Africa which had variable bounce,” Miandad said. “I can understand how difficult it is to adapt on such surfaces against a top class pace attack that South Africa has these days.

“I myself loved the challenge of playing on different surfaces but home boards also need to ensure that pitches are ideal for promotion of Test cricket.

“To my mind a good Test pitch would have even bounce and pace throughout the match with help for the pacers for the first few days and then assistance for the spinners as the match progresses.”

He also noted that the ICC should watch out for home sides who try to give themselves too much of an advantage by preparing pitches to their strengths.

“Home sides must have advantage but one needs to closely keep an eye on how much advantage a home side should be given,” he said.

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