A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: The ECB need to reconsider its stance on the IPL, says Matt Prior

Prior is concerned about the rising “frustrations” in the England camp

England wicketkeeper-batsman Matt Prior has warned the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) that they may seriously need to consider their stance on the Indian Premier League (IPL) since more and more English players are starting to express a lot of interest in it.

Prior also noted that numerous players were becoming “frustrated” with the limitations imposed upon them by the ECB and urged the board to consider moving all international tours to the month of May.

As things stand right now, English players are allowed to participate in the IPL for around a month, but this makes them a lot less attractive to the franchises.

Prior himself entered in the 2013 IPL auction, but failed to attract any bids.

This year’s IPL will be held fromĀ April 3 to May 26, but the ECB have instructed all players to be back home by May 5 in order to start preparing for their home series against New Zealand, which gets underway with a Test match at Lord’s on May 16 .

Prior also noted that the huge contracts on offer in the IPL would tempt more English players to try their luck and the wicketkeeper-batsman once again reiterated the fact that the ECB should consider changing their stance.

“If you ask any Englishman or Australian, ‘would you rather score a T20 hundred or an Ashes hundred?’ I know which one most people would go with,” Prior told the BBC. “But guys are going to start looking at it. I know for a fact that players want to play in the IPL. You can’t get away from the fact that there is an enormous amount of money at stake.

“I’m employed by the ECB, so I do what the ECB says right now. If that’s when the Test matches are, then that’s when the Test matches are. My priority is playing Test cricket for England and when I am needed to play Test cricket for England I will play.

“The IPL and these Twenty20 competitions are not going away. People love them and the players enjoy playing in them, so there are going to be more and more people getting frustrated at the lack of opportunity to play in the IPL. So things may have to change in time.”

However, even if the ECB decide to reschedule all international matches, there is still the matter of county cricket, which could see a drop in attendance and revenue if all the best players are in India for the IPL.

But, the other problem that springs up if the ECB decide to create a window for the IPL is that players might start asking for separate windows for all the other domestic Twenty20 tournaments that are held in countries like the West Indies, Sri Lanka, Australia and Bangladesh.

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