A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: Ian Pont attributes wrong coaching technique to extinction of 150 kph bowlers

Pont believes coaches are hindering the true potential of numerous pace bowlers

Former England first-class pace bowler Ian Pont, who has spent years researching the mechanics behind quick bowling, has announced that wrong coaching technique is to blame for the extinction of 150 kph bowlers.

Pont noted that throughout the 1970s and 1980s, every team has a bowler who could consistently bowl at 150 kph, but that figure has seen a drastic drop and there are only a handful who can get anywhere near those speeds today.

“In all of the modern day sports, fast bowling within cricket is one of the most backward when it comes to coaching,” Pont toldĀ PakPassion.net. “Many still think ‘fast bowlers are born’ or that speed cannot be increased or improved.

“And sadly, this is the genuine issue. Where other sports improve and increase their power and speed in throwing, running and jumping – fast bowling coaching goes the other way and often coaches [take the] speed out of a bowler.”

While many coaches believe that bowlers cannot maintain an accurate line and length by bowling at such speeds, Pont was quick to dismiss the theory, calling it absolute rubbish.

“Every coach that tells a bowler to ‘slow down, bowl a line and length’ shows they do not understand that speed can be created in a straight line to improve accuracy, not hinder it,” Pont added. “Much of it is simple physics. Understanding what works and how, then applying it with bowling drills. But myths continue to be perpetrated such as ‘brush your ear’, ‘stand tall’ and ‘bend your back’.”

“Unless and until this misinformation is corrected, bowlers, commentators, fans – and coaches themselves, will continue to limit what is truly possible with a fast bowler.”

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