A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: Victor Popov attributes Shane Watson’s calf injury to poor running technique

Popov sees no reason as to why Watson should be forced to give up bowling or playing in ODIs

Victor Popov, who is one of the best physiotherapists in cricket today, has announced that Australia all-rounder Shane Watson’s calf injury prior to the start of the Test series against South Africa was caused by his poor running technique instead of speculation that he was being overworked.

Popov has worked closely with Watson in the past and even helped him overcome some career-threatening injuries in 2009.

As soon as Watson suffered his injury, there were immediately calls for him to stop bowling, however Popov believes that all the hype created was nothing but the public just overreacting.

“I personally don’t see any reason for Shane to stop bowling as long as we monitor his workload and he continues his maintenance,” News.com.au quoted Popov as saying. “He doesn’t have any specific structural problems.

“Obviously bowling contributes to your workload, if he was a batsman only he might not have the same issues but Shane really enjoys bowling and he wants to keep doing it.”

Watson has even been advised to consider giving up playing ODI cricket, but Popov believes the talented all-rounder can continue playing all three formats as long as he corrects his running technique and does not overwork himself.

“We’ve looked at the biomechanics of his running technique and he was going back to some bad old habits,” Popov added. “I’ll work with Shane through the summer as he needs it, Alex Kountouris has also been doing a fantastic job.

“Shane probably got a bit slack with his running technique, he’s been sitting on planes flying to and back from Sri Lanka and South Africa, plus he was going really hard in the Twenty20s over there.

“There was a bit of sloppiness with his running, he slackened off a bit with his technical movements and that can be just enough to bring it on.”

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