A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: I was disappointed to see Jonathan Trott breach the ‘spirit of cricket’, says Sunil Gavaskar

Gavaskar was shocked that Trott had lied to umpires during the match

India batting legend Sunil Gavaskar has revealed that he felt extremely disappointed when South Africa-born England batsman Jonathan Trott breached the “spirit of cricket” by claiming to have taken a catch when in actual fact he had dropped it.

The incident Gavaskar was referring to happened on the first day of the first Test between India and England when Virat Kohli edged a Graeme Swann delivery to first slip, where Trott was fielding, and after fumbling the ball, the South African-born batsman claimed to have taken the catch cleanly.

But, upon looking at the third umpire TV replays, it was revealed that Trott has actually dropped the catch.

“It was quite clear that the spirit of cricket was breached,” Gavaskar said during an exclusive interview with NDTV. “I think there should have been a sanction against Trott.”

While talking about Trott, Gavaskar noted that he had seen a similar incident occur during a match between Pakistan and England.

“The way he claimed it, I believe that we have seen in the past when there was a Pakistani wicketkeeper who appealed against Ian Botham,” Gavaskar added. “That was a similar situation and the English media tore him (Pakistan player) apart.

“I don’t know what the English media has written now. I do believe if that particular thing needed a sanction (this should also).”

Gavaskar also said: “If he (Trott) had said he didn’t know what had happened, it would have been a different situation. But he was actually accepting high-fives from the bowler, the fielders and that means he was quite sure that it was a catch.”

According to the TV replays, the ball seemed to have struck Trott’s forearm and he attempted to try and take the catch on the rebound, but he could only watch it drop to the ground before going down to smother it and claim to the umpires that he had taken the catch as clean as a whistle.

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