A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: Brian Murgatroyd believes UAE is ideal place to hold CLT20

Murgatroyd is hoping to see the CLT20 hosted by the United Arab Emirates

Former Namibian cricketer Brian Murgatroyd has announced that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is definitely the ideal place to host the annual Champions League Twenty20 (CLT20).

The CLT20 is current being held in South Africa, where public turnout has been painfully low, while constant rain has also led to many matches being cancelled.

PakPassion.net quoted Murgatroyd as saying in his coloumn: “Given I live in Dubai you may say I’m biased, but watching the Champions League Twenty20 in South Africa, I can’t help thinking it’s a tournament that should be happening on an annual basis in the United Arab Emirates, to start with there’s the weather. At this time of the year in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah it’s warm, unlike the chilly evenings of Johannesburg or Cape Town, and also predictable, unlike the rain in Durban that confirmed the Kolkata Knight Riders’ early exit, the issues the 2012 tournament has experienced with the weather are a legacy of the fact that it, like most ICC events, is shoehorned into a place in the calendar where it doesn’t interfere with the international commitments of countries with competing teams.”

Murgatroyd also believes that more people will turn up to watch the matches in the UAE, and added that the pitch conditions were also better.

“The pitches in the UAE are also much more like those in the sub-continent than is the case in Australia or South Africa, and that, in turn, would mean a much more likely passage to the latter stages for IPL sides, something guaranteed to give the all-important television ratings an upwards bump, Then there are the crowds. Far too many of the matches in the Champions League outside of the weekends have taken place in front of near-empty banks of seating, not a great look for a tournament that brings together the best domestic Twenty20 sides in the world,” he wrote.

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