A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: ICC gives West Indies and Zimbabwe a total of $4.5 million

The West Indies were given the majority of the fund

The International Cricket Council (ICC) have announced that they will be funding Zimbabwe and the West Indies a total of $4.5 million as part of its Targeted Assistance and Performance Programme (TAPP), which mainly looks at developing a country’s national team till they become more competitive.

This makes the West Indies and Zimbabwe the first two full member nations to receive a TAPP fund from the ICC.

At their Executive Board meeting in Colombo, the ICC decided to give $3 million to the West Indies, and $1.5 million each to Zimbabwe and Netherlands.

Ireland and Scotland were the first beneficiaries of this scheme in June after the ICC’s annual conference in Kuala Lumpur, where they decided to give both European nations $500,000 per year over the course of three years.

In order for a country to be selected for the TAPP programme, they have to go through an application process, upon where they may be called to hold a presentation and finally the decision whether to award them with the funds or not is decided by the ICC’s finance and commercial affairs committee to the Board.

After deciding which countries receive the grant, the ICC and the Board establish a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), which would detail in what areas the ICC would like to see the money spent on.

In terms of Ireland, they are expected to strengthen its domestic structure and academy programmes, while also reaching out to more international cricket boards and ask for more international matches to be played in Ireland in order for the sport to be promoted.

Netherlands, who just received their funds and MOU from the ICC, are expected to spend the money on playing more international cricket, employing more national players and train them in time for the 2015 ICC World Cup, spend a greater amount of time improving on the domestic cricketing situation and supporting all their players, programmes and future events, while also ensuring that all star players are included in the national team with no complications.

According to an ICC spokesman, the specific details about the West Indies and Zimbabwe MOUs will be released soon.

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