A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: Michael Hussey interested in opening batting for Australia

Hussey noted that he is not too concerned about his position on the batting lineup

Australia batsman Michael Hussey has expressed interest in the idea of opening the batting for the national team during the rest of the series against Pakistan after there were growing concerns whether wicketkeeper batsman Matthew Wade could handle opening the batting after standing behind the stumps for 50 overs.

Australia acting coach Steve Rixon is concerned that wicketkeeping and opening the batting, all combined with the stifling heat of the United Arab Emirates, has become to demanding on Wade and stated that he was open to the idea of having Hussey, captain Michael Clarke or George Bailey open the batting instead.

“I’m open to it, it doesn’t bother me, whatever the team really needs I’d be more than happy to try to help out, as long as I’m somewhere in that batting order, I’m happy to bat anywhere from Nos. 1 to 11. If Wadey did make a hundred in these pretty oppressive conditions batting first and then had to go straight out and keep, that would be a difficult thing. Or if we were chasing in extremely hot conditions and he fielded the whole 50 overs and didn’t feel like he could 100% concentrate on opening the innings for us then it might be something we could look at. But he’s a pretty fit guy Wadey and I think he plays that role pretty well, what’s he’s been doing at the moment, so he’d have to be in a pretty bad way I think for them to try and change that tactic, but certainly we have to be flexible as batsmen, we’ve learned to become more flexible with Twenty20 cricket coming in and things like that, so I’d certainly have no dramas with it,” Hussey said.

Even though Hussey started his career as an opening batsman, he is more well known for his power hitting, timing, placement and continuous flow of runs, which has played a vital part in many of Australia’s matches, especially when the top order have really failed to make a strong start to the game.

“I’m just trying to play my role in the team and trying to play the situation of the game, it might’ve come off in the last game but there’s been hundreds of times that it hasn’t come off and it’s been up to other guys. But it’s certainly a role I enjoy, I like being in those tight, pressure situations, trying to work the team out of it, but I wouldn’t say I’m an expert at it or anything like that, I just try to do my role in the team,” Hussey added.

Hussey also noted that despite the heat and humidity, along with the irregular match times, the Australian will not be using those as excuses if they lose their last two ODIs against Pakistan after already winning the first one.

“I don’t think we’ll be letting the heat be an excuse for any poor performance, I’ve played in Chennai, even in just Twenty20 games, and that’s a lot hotter than playing out here. In Chennai the temperature might be only mid-30s but the humidity is unbelievable. That’s probably the most oppressive conditions I’ve ever had to play in. Having said that, it’s still extremely tough here. I only batted for 15 overs the other day [to make 49 from 37 balls] and I was pretty knackered by the end of it,” Hussey said as he referred to the one-off ODI Australia played against Afghanistan, which they won by 66 runs.

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