A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: Julien Fountain wants Pakistan players to admit fears in order to improve

Fountain believes fielding is a key area that Pakistan need to improve on

Pakistan fielding coach Julien Fountain has announced that the national team players should admit their fears and weaknesses if they are to see any improvements in their career.

The Express Tribune quoted Fountain, as saying: “Pakistani culture refrains an individual from admitting weakness or showing vulnerability at any cost, while this is good in a competitive environment, unless the player can admit weakness and accept responsibility for their mistakes – and learn from them – there will be no moving forward. Accepting your mistakes is the only way to know what to do next as denial of responsibility leads to anger, fear and more mistakes.”

Fountain became Pakistan’s fielding coach after signing a two-year contract in March, and the current series against Australia is his third with the team after the Asia Cup and the recent series against Sri Lanka.

“With Pakistan, it’s not a simple matter of practice makes perfect. There are deeply rooted cultural aspects which will take a long time and a huge effort to change,” Fountain said.

Fountain noted that Pakistan needed to ensure that they give as much time to developing their fielding as they do to their batting and bowling in order for them to start winning matches more often.

“At the national level, we need fielders who can dive and slide. We can’t keep making excuses for why Pakistan’s fielding is not as good as it should be, what needs to change is the level of instruction and the level of recognition. Pakistan seem to focus on elite batting and elite bowling. Until the country places a high price on elite fielding as well, the players will always consider it a poor relation. Pakistan seem to allow weaker fielders to hide behind their primary skill – batting or bowling. This has to change,” Fountain added.

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