A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: Shoaib Akhtar accuses PCB of ‘wanting team to lose’

Akhtar believes politics is having a negative impact on Pakistan cricket in general

Pakistan pace bowler Shoaib Akhtar has questioned the true intentions of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) officials, stating that they want the national team to lose their matches.

Akhtar, who announced his retirement from international cricket during last year’s International Cricket Council (ICC) 50-over World Cup, noted that some officials did not care about the team, and that politics has always had a negative impact on the performance of the team.

“It’s the truth – some people in the PCB don’t want Pakistan to win, there’s too much politics. Our board also becomes the enemy of the player the day he becomes captain of the team. The PCB should take help from former cricketers rather taking revenge or settling old scores,” Akhtar said.

Akhtar’s career with Pakistan has been hot and cold, with the pace bowler being selected and dropped from the squad multiple times throughout his career due to a numerous amount of controversies, injuries and problems of ill-discipline.

The pace bowler has also been banned various times in his career, including a five-year ban when Dr Nasim Ashraf was chief of the PCB.

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