A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: Salman Butt lonely and depressed in prison, says Asif

Butt was described as lonely and depressed by Asif

Disgraced Pakistan bowler, Mohammad Asif has revealed that former captain Salman Butt, who is serving a 30 month jail sentence, is lonely and depressed in his prison cell, and is anxiously awaiting the day he will be freed.

Asif, was released earlier this week after serving six months for his involvement in the 2010 match-fixing scandal which shocked the entire cricketing community.

Speaking exclusively to Dawn newspaper, Asif said: “Salman and I were sharing the same room for three months in the prison and he wished me good luck on the day of my release, but he (Salman) is a lonely man and looked very depressed on the day of my release from jail. He has been quite miserable at times and is anxiously awaiting his release.”

Young bowler Mohammad Amir was released before Asif, when he completed his jail sentence as well.

All three players have also been banned for participating in any cricketing activities for the next five years by the International Cricket Council (ICC).

However, while Amir is accepting his punishment, Asif on the other hand, vowed to challenge the ICC in an attempt to overturn the five year ban given to him.

Asif, also noted that he and Butt shared the same prison cell because of the fact that there were not that many other Muslims in the institution.

“We both were first asked whether we could share the same room, we immediately agreed. Having a non-muslim room partner could have made life difficult for both me and Salman,” he said.

During the trial, Butt and Asif blamed each other for who was the real mastermind of the match-fixing scandal, however Asif claims that all bad feelings have been put aside and instead a stronger bond between the two of them has been created.

“No, there were no ill-feelings between us. In fact, we were like two brothers in the prison,” said Asif. “Both of us were made gym in-charge where we played badminton and football,” he added.

Asif also said that he used to be able to call his family when he was in prison, while Butt’s family visited him often.

“Every month in the jail, Salman’s wife (Gul), his elder son and mother paid a visit there, but his younger son has been denied visa again and therefore he could not see him” said Asif.

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