A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: Vaughan defends Strauss amid heavy scrutiny

Vaughan believes Strauss is still the best person to captain England’s Test squad

Former England captain, Michael Vaughan has blasted critics for questioning whether Andrew Strauss is worthy of being the nation’s Test captain anymore.

Strauss’ position as captain has been called into question after the opening batsman has only made one century in the last 50 innings he has played.

There have also been reports circulating which state that Strauss’ position on the test squad roster is in danger ahead of the upcoming series against the West Indies.

Speaking exclusively to ESPNcricinfo, Vaughan said: “As a captain, it’s ridiculous to talk about Strauss’ position.”

However, Vaughan did note that the England selection committee would not continue to wait much longer for Strauss to produce a big innings.

“What Strauss needs now is a score. He needs a big score. One hundred in 50 innings, he knows that; if he wasn’t captain, he would be under serious threat. But there’s more to his position in the side when you’re the captain. If you’re just judging someone purely on stats, you forget what they bring to the side. As a captain you bring a lot more to the side than the runs you score on the pitch. But there’s no question that, in the series against the West Indies, he needs a big score or that problem will get bigger,” he said.

Vaughan also stated that Strauss’ time as captain was not over yet, and even suggested that he should lead England in the 2014 Ashes before considering calling it a day.

“You only get better as a captain — tactically and management wise. I’d be a better captain now than I was when I retired. You’re more mature. You’ve seen more situations – and that’s what captaincy is … it’s a man-management role. Strauss will know his returns are not great — and he will know when it’s time to move on. But at the moment, the time is not right. He’ll hope it’s in Sydney in 2014 (after the Ashes) — that will be his dream — but one day he will wake up and say ‘I’ve had enough,” Vaughan added. ‘

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