A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: BCB blasted by FICA for not paying players

May is constantly contacting the BCB in order to make sure all players are fully paid

The Federation of International Cricketers’ Associations (FICA) chief, Tim May has slammed the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) for not fulfilling the terms and conditions of players contracts during the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL).

May, stated that the cricket board had guaranteed to fully pay players who played in the tournament, and also said that this was even written in the contracts that were signed.

PakPassion.net, quoted May as saying: “As part of the contract, we staggered payment obligations of the franchises across three dates, one before the tournament commenced, one during and one following the event. We also ensured that theBangladesh Cricket Board guaranteed the player payments (this was written into the player contract).”

May, had told players that even though FICA had talked and come to an agreement with the BCB, they should be wary of what they were being paid.

“We advised players that despite us coming to agreement with the BPL regarding the terms and conditions of the contract – that we had some concerns regarding the tournament and advised that players should not travel to Bangladesh without receiving the first 25 percent instalment of their salary,” he added.

May, also announced that he has repeatedly contacted the BCB and told them to pay players whatever they owe them.

“Our take is that there is an obligation on the franchises and BCB to pay the players and that thoseobligations have well and truly expired. Whilst slowly but surely some of the players are being progressively paid, we don’t really care for excuses as there is an obligation to pay and they must honor these obligations,” he said.

May, also noted that the International Cricket Council (ICC), should be more active in enforcing measures to combat corruption and doping in the sport.

“I actually do feel that they should get more involved – particularly from an anti corruption and anti doping perspective. Some countries simply don’t have the resources to provide all the necessary testing, policing and education related to the above, and as we have seen, any infractions of the respective codes have a large impact on the reputation and worth of the game worldwide,” he said.

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