A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: Have Mongoose bats gone out of style?

Hayden introduced the bat in the third season of the IPL

Mongoose bats, which was a long handle-short blade bat, made famous by Australian power hitter, Matthew Hayden in the third edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL), seem to have gone out of style these days.

Made by the British company, Mongoose, the bat, was supposed to be used for an all-out attack purpose, and many people thought that it would revolutionise Twenty20 cricket.

Hayden, who played for the Chennai Super Kings, smashed 93 runs off 43 deliveries, which included nine boundaries and seven massive sixes when debuting with the bat against the Delhi Daredevils in 2010.

However, Hayden’s Chennai Super Kings teammate, Suresh Raina, also tried using the bat in the third edition of the IPL, but, changed back to the traditional bat after failing to perform with it.

Speaking exclusively to IANS, Raina explained that the bat made playing defensive strokes extremely difficult.

“It is good for big hitting but surely not for defending. That is the reason I reverted back to the traditional bat,” he said.

The bat’s stout frame, according to the company, is supposed to allow batsman to get a great deal of elevation, while also making sure that miss-hits would easily clear the boundary ropes.

However, in the two years since the bat made its debut, it has fallen off the radar, as more and more players are starting to learn that Twenty20 cricket is about more than trying to clear the boundary with every delivery.

With players realising that Twenty20 cricket is more than just trying to hit out of the ground, it seems that the Mongoose bat legacy has officially ended.

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