A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: Steven Finn believes DRS system should be mandatory

Finn believes all cricket boards should be using the DRS system


England pace bowler, Steven Finn, had announced he believes that the Decision Review System (DRS), should be compulsory for every cricket board.

The Board of Cricket Control in India (BCCI) is seen as the biggest problem to making the DRS system be put into effect in every match.

Finn, thinks that due to costs, different protocols are in place for one series, which may not be included in the other.

However, the BCCI, believe that the DRS system, is inaccurate, and that the technology cannot be trusted.

During the first day of the second Test at Colombo, England, thought that Sri Lankan batsman, Thilan Samaraweera, had been hit on the glove, before the ball went onto his thigh pad and into the hands of short leg.

However, after the umpire gave the decision not out, Finn, told Captain, Andrew Strauss, to review the decision, but, it remained not out.

But, Finn, was still pleased with having the opportunity to look at the replay, while using the necessary technology, to prove whether Samaraweera, had actually been hit on the glove.

The Telegraph, a UK based national paper, quoted Finn as saying: “I reckon DRS should be universal and unified across the board so you have everything at every game. I felt there were two big enough noises for it to be clear off glove and thigh pad.”

Finn, also said: “When we’re out there we don’t have the benefits of being able to slow everything down. But we didn’t let it affect us and we kept plugging away. The worst thing we could have done was get frustrated about the decision and bowl bad balls.”

With more and more players voicing their opinions about the DRS system, which has been in the spotlight for a while, the cricket boards of each nation, will have to decide whether to use it, or trust the umpires for making the correct decisions.

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