A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: Ponting’s international career hangs in the balance

Ponting knows the upcoming Test series could be the last of his career


Former Australian Captain, Ricky Ponting, is preparing for the upcoming Test series against the West Indies, knowing that if he fails to deliver, his illustrious career may be brought to an end.

Ponting, who has already been dropped from the ODI squad, realises that if he does in fact fail in the series, his critics will have a stronger case as to why he should call it quits.

The Sydney Morning Herald, quoted Ponting as saying: “It’s about being consistent and putting performances on the board game after game. The Indian Test series was great. It had been a long time between drinks since I’d had a series like that, and to come out of that and play well in the games I played for Tassie was satisfying.”

Ponting, who had an outstanding Test series against India in December 2011, is hoping to repeat the performance against the West Indies, and prove that he still has some fight left inside of him.

“To know the hard work I’ve been doing is paying off is satisfying as well. That’s what this week’s all about now, making sure I get that preparation spot on and am ready to go for the three-day game, get something out of that which I can then take into the Test matches,” he said.

With Ponting possibly entering the most important and career-defining Test series of his life, the cricketing world will be watching whether his career comes to an end, or if his legacy will continue to live on.

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