A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: Pakistan to host Australia in Sri Lanka?

Ahmed is hoping that Pakistan can host their first tour since 2009 and find a suitable venue to play against the Australians


A senior official from the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), has announced that Pakistan plan to host Australia in Sri Lanka for their ODI and Twenty20 International series later in the year.

According to the official, the two nations are scheduled to play four ODIs and three Twenty20 Internationals in August.

Speaking exclusively to Reuters, PCB chief operating officer, Subhan Ahmed, said: “In principle we have decided to hold the series against Australia in August in Sri Lanka but we are negotiating with the Sri Lankan board for a favourable deal.”

However, there is no specification as to which venues in Sri Lanka will be chosen to host the matches between the two sides.

“The venues in Sri Lanka where we will hold the matches will be decided soon. The Australians have also not expressed any reservations over playing in Sri Lanka” Ahmed added.

If Sri Lanka refuses to host the two squads, Ahmed said that the PCB had a backup choice of South Africa.

“In case we don’t reach a cost effective deal with the Sri Lankan board, South Africa is the other alternate neutral venue for us” he said.

Ahmed, stated that UAE, which is where Pakistan have been playing all their cricket lately after gunmen attacked the Sri Lankan cricket team in 2009, would be out of the question because the weather in August would be too hot.

Ever since the 2009 incident in Pakistan, the PCB have been trying to invite teams to play cricket there once again, but, till now, they have had no luck whatsoever.

But, all hope may not be lost, as the PCB are in talks with the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB), to host an ODI series in Pakistan within the next month.

However, the PCB, have received no response from the BCB, and Ahmed, is slowly losing faith that the tour will actually happen.

“With time running out it appears difficult they will send their team to Pakistan which would be a shame” he said.

Ahmed, also noted that if the venue were asked to be changed, the PCB would deny the terms because of the costs involved.

“A series against Bangladesh at a neutral venue is not cost effective for us so that is not in our planning” Ahmed added.

With all eyes on whether Pakistan will get to host their first tour since 2009, and where the series between them and Australia will be held, fans in the nation, will be hoping that they get another opportunity to watch the beloved sport on their home soil once again.

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