Azam admits he is only interested in himself and boosting his stats?

Babar Azam insists that he is not selfish and looking to boost his own stats, saying that he has already played for the team and not himself Pakistan cricket

Babar Azam: “I play for the team and not myself”

Image courtesy of: ESPNcricinfo

Pakistan Twenty20 captain Babar Azam has made it clear that he will play for the team and is not solely interested in boosting his own statistics.

Azam has had to defend himself in the past when accused of being a selfish player.

However, with his first series as Twenty20 captain coming up against Australia from November 3 to 8, the 25-year-old reiterated the fact that his main focus has always been to help Pakistan win.

“I play for the team and not myself,” he was quoted as saying by

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