Which Pakistan legend and Australian player gave Umer Khan useful advice?

Umer Khan received useful advice from Wasim Akram and Ben Dunk Pakistan Super League PSL Karachi Kings Pakistan cricket

Umer Khan received excellent advice from Wasim Akram and Ben Dunk

Image courtesy of: Pakistan Super League

Left-arm spinner Umer Khan has revealed that legendary Pakistan left-arm seamer Wasim Akram and Australian batsman Ben Dunk both gave him excellent advice during the Pakistan Super League (PSL).

Umer played for the Karachi Kings in the tournament and was the joint fourth-highest wicket-taker with 15 victims at an average of 16.13.

Explaining the advice Akram, who was the Kings’ mentor, gave him, the 19-year-old told PakPassion: “Working with Pakistan’s head coach and the legendary Wasim Akram was another amazing experience.

“They both taught me about many aspects of bowling such as how to read a batsman in order to bowl the right ball to him. Apart from being experts, they also are great human beings and treated me with great respect and I have to say that I was honoured to work with both of them.”

As for Dunk, who was his teammate, Umer revealed that the 32-year-old’s advice came after he was hit for two sixes and felt under pressure.

“I was constantly being given advice by seniors which was really important for me as I am still learning the ropes when it comes to playing in such a top-level tournament,” he said. “However, one incident I remember is that when I had been hit for two sixes and was feeling a little anxious, Ben Dunk came over to me immediately and told me take some deep breaths to calm myself before bowling the next ball.

“He told me to always do this if there is pressure mounting and to talk to senior players on the field for advice as that helps one gain confidence and also reduces any tension that is building up inside you.”

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