Morgan open to dropping himself during 2019 World Cup

Eoin Morgan ready to drop himself if he fails to perform England cricket

Eoin Morgan: “If I’m not supposed to be in the team I’ll be the first one to say it”

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England captain Eoin Morgan has revealed that he is willing to drop himself if he fails to live up to expectations during next year’s World Cup.

Morgan has been a key player for England since their dismal campaign during the 2015 World Cup as he has averaged 41.79 with the bat.

Despite this, he is well aware of the fact that if he endures a rough patch, he will be cast into the spotlight and questions will be asked about his place in the team. This is due to the fact immense number of talented batsmen England currently have.

Morgan insisted that if he feels he is not contributing enough, he will remove himself from the team and give someone else an opportunity to shine.

“It’s a brave call but we’ve come a long way with this team. With the potential, with this World Cup or the next one, we need to put ourselves in the best position in order to be contenders,” he told Sky Sports as quoted by  ESPNcricinfo. “If that means I’m not good enough to be in the team, both as a captain and a player… I’m a pretty honest guy.

“If I’m not supposed to be in the team I’ll be the first one to say it. If it means making a tough decision I’m more than capable of doing that.

“In the past I’ve dropped myself to create opportunities for guys in order to see if they can play at international level or give them an extra chance to prove themselves. When you drop yourself as captain it almost sets that example, that nobody’s place is cemented in this side.

“We’re trying to build a squad of 16 or 17 guys to win the World Cup, that’s the objective. It’s not an individual trying to get runs, not an individual trying to get wickets. It’s a team collective and everyone needs to buy into it.”

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