Rixon makes serious allegations against Pakistan’s cricket board

Steve Rixon accuses Pakistan Cricket Board of never paying him on time cricket

Steve Rixon: “I never got paid on time”

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Former Pakistan fielding coach Steve Rixon has accused the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) of failing to ever pay him on time.

Rixon, who also said the board was full of “disrespect and stupidity”, admitted that not being paid on time was the reason why he stepped down from his position after two years.

“I never got paid on time,” Rixon told ESPNcricinfo. “It’s disrespectful, and the disrespect came from the fact that nothing was paid on time to the subsidiary staff.

“Indecision was the other thing. Whenever something needed to be done, and my contract was one of those things, that took over five months to get clarified. They thought I’d just roll over and accept it right at the eleventh hour but I didn’t do that as I’d basically had enough of it at that stage.

“I’ve been involved with coaching for 30 years. I enjoy the game a huge amount and I never want to finish a job at cricket not enjoying it. And that’s what probably would have happened if I’d stayed on there.”

Rixon added that Darren Berry, who the PCB tried to hire to replace him, turned down the offer as he had concerns about the board’s conduct.

“Darren Berry eventually refused to do the job, and I was left out at that particular time when things were going so well,” Rixon said. “When I say ‘stupid’, it’s those decisions I’m talking about. If you want overseas staff to come and do a job they’ve started to do which was going extremely well, don’t treat people like that.”

Rixon also took aim at the Pakistan team, saying the players had a tendency to relax when things began going well.

He pointed to the Asia Cup as a perfect example, where Pakistan’s fielding let them down time and time again.

Prior to their knockout game against Bangladesh, where they were beaten by 37 runs, Pakistan’s catching rate for the tournament was at a dismal 30 percent. To make matters worse, they dropped eight chances in two vital games alone.

“I highlighted that if you don’t work hard with these kids and stay on their backs, you’re going to have the sort of things that have started to happen,” Rixon said. “Far, far too many easy catches were dropped. The fielding record that had improved, the catching record that had improved, and the run-out record that took them to the top of the table in world cricket is not going to happen again if these kids don’t continue to be pushed.

“The concentration level of a lot of our players is very minimal when it comes to the fielding aspect, and we tend to relax when things start to go okay. When we think we’re getting on top is when the danger time starts; that’s the most vulnerable time for our boys. When one thing goes wrong, it’s like a snowball effect. That’s when things start to happen in bulk and that’s obviously what’s happened of late. But it’s more our level of concentration. You have to stay on top of these boys at all times. Don’t relax at any stage and keep the work ethic as high as possible because if you don’t, they’ll fall off as quick as they started.”

Scotland head coach Grant Bradburn has succeeded Rixon as Pakistan’s fielding coach. But, while Rixon does not know much about Bradburn’s qualifications, he recalls that the former New Zealand international was an excellent fielder.

“I think he’ll do a very good job, he’s a guy that has been from an era where fielding became a massive part of the way we train,” he said. “When I was with NZ, all the provinces talked about the same philosophy of fielding and started to place emphasis on it. But they need to keep pushing those boys, and if they get that part right, I’m sure it’ll turn out okay.”

In response to Rixon’s allegations, the PCB, via a statement, said: “The PCB is disappointed by the baseless allegations made by former fielding coach Steve Rixon in a recent interview. The PCB spokesman wishes to clarify that the Board has enjoyed cordial relations with all current and former foreign staff attached with national teams.

“Mr. Steve Rixon was a good coach who worked hard with the players and certainly helped improve team’s fielding in the last two years. It comes as a surprise to us that Mr. Rixon made unfounded allegations against PCB.

“The PCB strongly refutes the allegations made by Mr. Rixon in his interview, the foreign coaching staff has full backing and support of the board.”

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