Younis reveals what India and Pakistan need to improve on

Waqar Younis India and Pakistan need to perform well abroad cricket

Waqar Younis: “They should perform well in conditions abroad too”

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Waqar Younis believes that India and Pakistan are both brimming with talent, but admitted that they need to perform better when playing overseas.

The legendary Pakistan seamer’s comments come after India and Pakistan both failed to impress when they toured England.

Pakistan visited England in May to June for a two-Test series, but after winning the first Test by nine wickets, they were annihilated by an innings and 55 runs in the second Test.

As for India, the endured a disastrous Test series against England as they were beaten 4-1.

Younis feels that both teams need to prepare a lot better when they have overseas tours coming up.

“India and Pakistan are very good one-day sides, they produce thrillers. They should perform well in conditions abroad too,” he told Gulf News. “I think they need to prepare a little bit better, because especially when you go to England you have to play against a moving ball. You need to be there early and get used to it.”

However, Younis acknowledged that it can be difficult for teams to arrive early in other countries due to the hectic schedule players face nowadays.

“Nowadays, the present schedule don’t get teams enough time,” he said. “It’s important for BCCI to maybe send the team two to three weeks early and play matches. If they did they would have done it would have made a made a huge difference.

“You are straight away into the Test match that is why you get exposed. English bowlers are very used to their own conditions and it is very hard. Doesn’t matter if you are a Virat Kohli or Shikar Dhawan or any big names but if you are not used to conditions, it can be tough.”

Recalling when he used to travel to England with the national team during his playing days, Younis said: “In the 90s, we used to play 10 side games and we used to be there early and the tour was often three and half months. Nowadays they squeeze everything. Team are playing four Test matches in six to seven weeks and that too without playing any side games.”

However, he pointed out that teams like England face the same problem when they travel to India or other subcontinent nations.

“Likewise when they (England) come to India on spinning conditions, they struggle,” he said. “So I think if India or Pakistan want to win especially in England they have to go early. They need to plan the tour better and maybe send the team two or three weeks early and play some side games. It’s been a while they have won in England.”

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