Why is Sarfraz angry about the Super Four stage of the Asia Cup?

Sarfraz Ahmed angry Pakistan have to travel between Abu Dhabi and Dubai for Super Four stage of Asia Cup cricket

Sarfraz Ahmed: “If you travel for one-and-a-half hour during matches, then it’s tough”

Image courtesy of: ESPNcricinfo

Pakistan captain Sarfraz Ahmed has voiced his frustrations about the scheduling of the Super Four stage of the Asia Cup since his side will be traveling to and from Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Bangladesh and Afghanistan are also in the same boat as Pakistan, but India will not have to make the 90-minute journey, regardless of where they finish, as they will be based in Dubai.

The team that finishes second in Group A will have to play their first Super Four game in Abu Dhabi. However, the Asian Cricket Council have made a late adjustment to the rules so that India will remain in Dubai.

Needless to say, Sarfraz was not at all happy about the arrangements.

“If you talk about the pool, India remain here even if they lose,” Sarfraz was quoted as saying by ESPNcricinfo. “Travelling is an issue. If you travel for one-and-a-half hour during matches, then it’s tough. In this weather, it is tough because after one day you play another game. I think it should be even for all the teams, whether it’s India or Pakistan. If there are matches in Abu Dhabi, then every team has to play there. I don’t know what the Asian Cricket Council has done about it.”

Prior to entering the Super Four stage, Pakistan have to play one more Group A game, which will be against arch-rivals India in Dubai on Wednesday.

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