Pakistan team donates Rs3.2 million to dams fund

Sarfraz Ahmed Pakistan team donates Rs 3.2 million to dams fund cricket

Pakistan have donated Rs3.2 million to the dams fund

Image courtesy of: Zimbio

Pakistan captain Sarfraz Ahmed has announced that the national team has donated Rs3.2 million to the country’s dams fund in order to lend a helping hand to their countrymen.

The move comes after former Pakistan captain and current Prime Minister Imran Khan urged Pakistanis at home and abroad to donate to the fund and aid in helping end the nation’s water shortage crisis.

The donations will be used to construct new water reservoirs, which aim to be completed within the next seven years. By building the reservoirs, it will ensure that Pakistan doesn’t endure a severe drought.

“The public should actively contribute in the dams fund, it would benefit the country,” Sarfraz was quoted as saying by The Express Tribune. “The Pakistani cricket team has contributed Rs3.2 million to the dams fund.”

The national team’s charitable gesture comes after Pakistani umpire Aleem Dar donated $10,000 to the fund.

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