Why is Hasan Ali disappointed going into the Asia Cup?

Hasan Ali disappointed Virat Kohli not playing Asia Cup Pakistan India cricket

Hasan Ali: “Everybody wants to take Virat Kohli’s wicket but unfortunately he isn’t coming”

Image courtesy of: Zimbio

Pakistan pace bowler Hasan Ali has admitted he is disappointed that he won’t have the chance to dismiss India captain Virat Kohli in the upcoming Asia Cup.

Kohli was rested for the tournament due to his immense workload this year, and Hasan admitted that he was relishing the opportunity to put his skills to the test against the 29-year-old, who is arguably the best batsman in the game right now.

However, despite Kohli’s absence, Hasan insisted that his side cannot afford to underestimate India.

“Virat Kohli is a very good player. Everybody knows that he is a match-winner,” Hasan was quoted as saying by ESPNcricinfo. “Despite his absence from the squad, India still have a very good team. They have many more players. The advantage to us is that the way Virat Kohli can handle the pressure, someone else who comes in his place might not be able to.

“As a youngster, everybody wants to take Virat Kohli’s wicket but unfortunately he isn’t coming. The next time we compete, I will definitely try to take his wicket.”

Meanwhile, like Kohli, Hasan has been focusing heavily on ensuring he is healthy and adheres to the strict fitness standards Pakistan’s team management has set for the players.

If players fail to meet the fitness standards, they won’t be considered for selection, which is exactly what happened to spinner Imad Wasim as he failed the yo-yo test not once but twice.

Hasan, on the other hand, registered a score of 19.8 in the test, which easily surpasses the 17.4 benchmark that was set for the Pakistan players.

“As a youngster, you want to keep yourself fit and look after yourself,” he said. “I have played all three formats and playing all three formats is a burden on the body. On top of that, you need to perform as well.

“Looking at all three formats, you need to increase the level of your fitness which is why I have focused more on my fitness. There is no need for comparison with Virat Kohli. He is my senior. He is a legend. He himself is fit. I focus on my fitness because that brings me consistency.”

Pakistan and India will go head to head on September 19 in Dubai.