Yousuf reveals who he thinks is currently the best batman in cricket

Mohammad Yousuf Virat Kohli best batsman in the world Pakistan India cricket

Mohammad Yousuf: “He’s the world’s top batsman, he has proven his ability”

Image courtesy of: ESPNcricinfo

Ex-Pakistan batsman Mohammad Yousuf firmly believes that India captain Virat Kohli is currently the best batsman in international cricket.

Kohli has already scored the second-most ODI centuries in history, and also excelled in the recent first Test against England, where he scored 149 and 51.

In his last tour of England, Kohli was limited to 134 runs in five Tests at an average of 13.40.

“Virat Kohli is a batsman who I rate very highly,” Yousuf told PakPassion. “He’s in a different class compared to other batsmen of the modern era. Rohit Sharma, Joe Root, Steve Smith and Kane Williamson are also very high-class batsmen. Whilst these four are a cut above the rest due to their performances and class, it is Virat Kohli who I believe the rest should aim to copy.

“He is the complete package when it comes to batting. His aggression is second to none, it’s as though he has a fast-bowler’s aggression and mentality even though he’s a batsman. But what really makes him stand out from the rest is his fitness. I have never seen any Asian cricketer achieve the levels of fitness that Virat Kohli has.

“He’s the world’s top batsman, he has proven his ability, he has been consistent and he has scored all of those runs not through luck, but due to sheer hard work, determination and dedication. Look at his record and his statistics and those numbers don’t lie, they confirm what a world-class performer he is.

“But he has also proved that he is mentally tough, he has confidence in his own ability and it’s very rare that he is out for a low score and that is the mark of a great player.”

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