Why has Boeta Dippenaar been heavily criticised?

Boeta Dippenaar criticism women cricketers should not be paid same as men South Africa cricket

Boeta Dippenaar: “Yes, our women’s cricket has improved a lot, but you can not compare it to the men”

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Former South Africa batsman Boeta Dippenaar has been heavily criticised for saying that female cricketers shouldn’t be paid an equal salary as their male counterparts since their matches don’t bring in the same amount of revenue.

Dippenaar’s controversial comments came after acting CEO Thabang Moroe told Sport24 that female cricketers deserve to earn the same as male cricketers.

“The changes in the financial model are not aimed at taking away from players,” Moroe had told Sport24.

“The financial model is actually aimed at getting together the few bits and pieces that will help CSA cater for the semi-professional cricketers as well as the Protea ladies.

“It’s high time that CSA puts its money where its mouth is. We’ve been saying that we want to look after our women cricketers and get them to a place where they are treated the same as the men’s professional cricketers. We want them to be paid the same.”

When asked about Moroe’s plan to ensure women cricketers are paid the same as their male counterparts, Dippenaar, as quoted by sacricketmag.com, told Rapport: “You must adjust the income in proportion. You cannot pay a drawcard that brings in millions of rands for CSA the same as women players who are not the same kind of attraction.

“Women’s cricket does not have the same commercial value as men’s cricket. Yes, our women’s cricket has improved a lot, but you can not compare it to the men. I say with respect: you can not compare Dane van Niekerk with an AB de Villiers or a Faf du Plessis.

“The men also play a lot more often. The men are often away from home and they have many responsibilities. If women are to be paid the same as men, they must have the same responsibilities.”

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