Why is the BCCI angry with Afridi and Hasan?

BCCI angry Shahid Afridi Hasan Ali Pakistan India cricket

The BCCI are furious with Shahid Afridi over his comments about the Kashmir region

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The Board of Control for Cricket in India have lashed out at former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi and pace bowler Hasan Ali as their recent actions disrespected India.

Afridi recently took to Twitter to call on the United Nations to intervene and stop the violence going on in the region of Kashmir.

As for Hasan, he walked towards a Pakistani soldier in the midst of the Attari-Wagah border flag-lowering ceremony and performed his trademark celebratory move while gesturing towards Indian soldiers.

As a result of the duo’s actions, a senior BCCI official called on Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Najam Sethi to punish them.

“I would also request Najam to sternly deal with the issue of the recent misbehaviour of the Pakistani cricketer in showing disrespect towards India as a country and other indiscriminate actions and words by former cricketers that do nothing to promote the right atmosphere for cricket,” the official told CricketNext. “I do hope they at least understand the concept of a ‘gentleman’.”

The official added that Afridi and Hasan’s behaviour served as examples as to why India have cut bilateral ties with Pakistan.

“In an ideal world, we would host Pakistan in India and visit Pakistan to play there,” the official said. “Our willingness thus exceeds the willingness of PCB it appears, when we talk only of willingness.

“However, firstly Najam must understand that BCCI does not decide the policies of the government of India just the way PCB does not decide the policies of the government of Pakistan.

“We are an Indian organisation that is bound by the laws of India and we have to comply with them, it is not a card for us but a legal necessity. It may be optional to follow the law in Pakistan, but in India it is mandatory.”

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