Vaughan: ‘I am pretty sure’ Australia tampered with the ball during the Ashes

Michael Vaughan pretty sure Australia ball tampering Ashes England cricket

Michael Vaughan: “I am pretty sure it was going on throughout the Ashes series”

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Former England captain Michael Vaughan is “pretty sure” that Australia engaged in ball tampering during the recent Ashes series.

Vaughan’s suspicions come after Australia skipper Steve Smith and opener Cameron Bancroft admitted that they attempted to alter the condition of the ball during the third day of the third Test against South Africa in Cape Town.

Smith was subsequently banned for one Test and fined 100 percent of his match fee, while Bancroft was docked 75 percent of his match fee and handed three demerit points.

In light of this, Vaughan feels that this cannot be the first time the Australians have decided to change the condition of the ball.

A video of Bancroft allegedly putting sugar in his pocket during the Ashes has spread like wildfire on social media.

Speaking to BBC Sport, Vaughan said: “I cannot think that has been come up with over lunch in Cape Town.

“I look at the amount of tape some of the fielders have worn, particularly during the Ashes series at mid-on and mid-off. You don’t have to name names, they know who they are.

“I am pretty sure it was going on throughout the Ashes series – but it was not the reason England lost 4-0. They still would have lost the series.”

The 43-year-old also pointed out that teams used creative ways to tamper with the ball when he was playing for England.

“I played cricket for 17 years and there was not a team I played in that did not come close to the line,” he said. “There were many tricks teams would use out in the middle. You would see the ball get bounced into the rough to create reverse swing, you see sweets in the mouth, you see saliva put on the ball to keep the shine on it for longer.

“Is that right? Many will say not, but that is what has happened on the game of cricket for many years and will continue to happen. It is very hard to control.

“One unwritten rule is that you do not take an object out there to tamper with the ball. I am pretty sure the Australians and the players involved in that leadership group will face the consequences.”

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