Warne not to mentor Rajasthan Royals for the entire IPL season?

Shane Warne might not mentor Rajasthan Royals entire Indian Premier League IPL cricket

Shane Warne may not mentor the Rajasthan Royals for the entire duration of this year’s IPL

Image courtesy of: ESPNcricinfo

Legendary Australia spinner Shane Warne might not mentor the Rajasthan Royals for the entire Indian Premier League (IPL) season, according to a source.

Warne made headlines when he announced that he would be returning to the IPL team he used to play for and coach back in the day.

However, the source told Sportstar that since Warne is eager to commentate during the tournament as well, he may not be available as a mentor for the full duration of the competition.

“It is still undecided. The franchise definitely wants him for the entire tournament, and even if he goes away, it will be for some other commitments,” the source said.

But, the source made it clear that the Royals are doing everything in their power to keep Warne on board for the entire tournament.

“Warne knows the Royals outfit inside out and his presence will certainly help the players and the team to stay motivated,” the source added.

Meanwhile, a former Royals player, who wished to remain anonymous, but will play for a different franchise this year, revealed that when Warne was playing for the team, there was a highly positive atmosphere in the dressing room.

“He would give a free-hand to the players and ask them to plan according to situation. That definitely boosted the team’s confidence,” the player said.

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