Buttler: T20 cricket could become the only format in the future

Jos Buttler T20 cricket monopoly sole format future England cricket

Jos Buttler: “I feel cricket could become a one-format game in the future”

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England wicketkeeper-batsman Jos Buttler has admitted the meteoric rise in popularity in Twenty20 cricket could see it become the sole format of the sport in the future.

Buttler, who is currently representing England in the T20 tri-series against Australia and New Zealand, added that Test cricket and ODIs could become extinct “in 15 to 20 years”.

Despite his thoughts, Buttler pointed out that he would be extremely disappointed if Test cricket were to fade away, especially since he sees it as the “pinnacle” of the sport.

“I feel cricket could become a one-format game in the future – whether that’s soon or in 15 to 20 years,” Buttler was quoted as saying by Sky Sports. “Test cricket is still, for me, the pinnacle of cricket but T20 fills out stadiums and is easy to keep up with and follow.

“Everyone wants things faster these days and things evolve so maybe Twenty20 could have a monopoly on cricket.

“We all love the history of Test cricket – you will never have situations thrown up in T20 that Test cricket can do to you and you will never be tested as a player as you would in Test cricket.

“It’s a complete test of everything and it would be sad (if it went), but as a product T20 is going from strength to strength.”

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