Pattinson likely to have spinal surgery

James Pattinson Australia back surgery cricket

James Pattinson has suffered numerous stress fractures in his back

Image courtesy of: Zimbio

Australia fast bowler James Pattinson is set to undergo a surgical procedure on his spine after he was once again diagnosed with a stress fracture in his back.

Pattinson has a history of stress fractures in his back and had to miss Australia’s recent tour of Bangladesh due to the injury.

Since the problem has been recurring for numerous years, Cricket Australia’s sports science chief Alex Kountouris has been in contact with a number of specialists in New Zealand. In fact, one of them helped prolong the career of New Zealand speedster Shane Bond.

“He’s got four stress fractures that haven’t healed since his teenage years,” Kountouris told The Australian as quoted by Sky Sports. “What he’s doing is getting bone stress on the healthy part of the bone. And that one part of the bone keeps breaking.”

While Cricket Australia have yet to sign off on the operation, Kountouris is confident that they will allow Pattinson to go under the knife in order to save his career.

“It doesn’t sound like there’s a lot to lose,” he said. “There’s obviously some complications that could possibly happen, there’s concerns with any sort of surgery, but that’s probably the way we’re going to go.”

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