Did Malinga compare Sri Lanka’s sports minister to a monkey?

“I don’t care about criticism from those who are simply warming chairs”

Image courtesy of: Zimbio

An investigation has been launched against Sri Lanka pace bowler Lasith Malinga after comparing the country’s sports minister, Dayasiri Jayasekera, to a monkey.

Malinga lashed out at Jayasekera after the sports minister questioned the fitness of the Sri Lankan team following their disappointing Champions Trophy campaign, where they failed to get past the group stage.

Upon the national team returning home from England, Jayasekera ordered a fitness test to be conducted and said that most of the players had too much body fat.

“The typical body fat amounts for a cricketer should be about 16 percent, but most of our players have over 25 percent,” Jayasekera said. “I want the results analysed and in future no one will be included in a national squad if they are above 16 percent.”

Jayasekera also took a shot at Malinga as he was the only player to be excluded from Sri Lanka’s high altitude training camp prior to the Champions Trophy. The reason for this was that Malinga had featured in the Indian Premier League (IPL), where he won the title with the Mumbai Indians.

“They improve their fitness level just to bowl four overs at the IPL,” Jayasekera said. “These guys are not interested in playing for the country, they play for the IPL because of the money they get.”

Responding to Jayasekera’s remarks, Malinga told a television network: “In my criticism of the appalling fitness levels of our players, I did not name Malinga, but he has chosen to put the hat on and attack me publicly. I don’t care about criticism from those who are simply warming chairs.

“What does a monkey know about a parrot’s nesting hollow? This is like a monkey getting into a parrot’s nest and talking about it.”

After making those comments, Jayasekera confirmed that an investigation against Malinga has begun.

“He is now under investigation for making statements to the media in breach of his contract with Sri Lanka Cricket,” Jayasekera told AFP.

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