Sammy concerned about future of West Indies cricket

Interview conducted by: Bimal Mirwani

Former West Indies captain Darren Sammy has admitted that he fears what the future holds for West Indies cricket since they continue to snub some of their best players.

Many of the Caribbean’s high-profile cricketers are putting domestic Twenty20 competitions ahead of international duty since they are not being selected, and also due to the lucrative contracts on offer.

As of now, Cricket West Indies have said that players will only be eligible for selection if they take part in their domestic tournaments.

With players like Chris Gayle not being picked in any format, Sammy is concerned that the West Indies’ downward spiral will continue.

“With the current administration I don’t see that happening,” he told BBC Radio Five Live on Monday when asked if any of the big-name players will return to the international fold. “I can’t tell a player not to play in a league when it could make them financially stable to look after their family.”

While Sammy captained the men from the Caribbean to World Twenty20 glory in 2012 and 2016, the West Indies are struggling when it comes to Test and ODI cricket as they are ranked eighth and ninth respectively.

In regards to their ODI ranking, the West Indies are in danger of failing to automatically qualify for the 2019 World Cup as only the top eight sides are given that honour.

Should they not be able to rise up the rankings before the deadline date of September 30, they will have to take part in a qualification tournament, where the top two sides will be given spots in the World Cup.

“The way we structure our cricket, we’re not going anywhere,” the 33-year-old added. “I’m very scared we will be relegated to be playing against Ireland and Scotland. It’s very sad for us.

“If you really have West Indies cricket at heart you will have the right players for all the formats playing and helping you get to tournaments.”

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