Gambhir: ‘Afridi’s brain hasn’t developed’

“Even if he has said something like this it shouldn’t be taken seriously”

Image courtesy of: Yahoo

India opener Gautam Gambhir has lashed out at former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi following his comments in a column he wrote for the International Cricket Council (ICC) website.

In the column, Afridi wrote that Gambhir still hadn’t moved on from their heated confrontation during an ODI in Kanpur in 2007.

The incident occurred when Gambhir collided with Afridi while running a single.

“We had a heated exchange on the field some years ago and it made headlines all over the world,” Afridi had written last month. “While I have moved on in life as I feel these things are part and parcel of the game, Gautam for some reason can’t get over it. Good luck to him!”

Appearing on an Indian news channel, Gambhir was asked about Afridi’s remarks, and said: “I’ve said this before that his(Afridi’s) brain hasn’t developed according to his age. So even if he has said something like this it shouldn’t be taken seriously.”

Let’s just say Afridi was right when he wrote that he and Gambhir “are unlikely to be found together at a coffee shop anytime soon”.

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